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Factors Required for Organizational Excellence

Factors Required for Organizational Excellence

Internal and external performance both are important for an organization and to reach the level of excellence some factors are required.

The internal performance measures that are important to achieve excellence are

  1. Leadership
  2. Products complaints
  3. CPA comparisons
  4. Sales and Targets comparisons
  5. Turnover ratio
  6. Performance appraisals
  7. Development and innovation
  8. Performance of machinery and equipment/technology
  9. Assessment of organizational performance through external audits
  10. Profitability

External performance measures are

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Customer retention
  3. Customers complaints
  4. Market share
  5. Percentage achievement of targets
  6. Socially responsible behavior of organization
  7. Supplier relationship
  8. Quest for technological and scientific advancement/innovation and financial status and loans





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What is Quality Management

The coordinated activities that organisations use to direct, control, and co-ordinate quality.It is the act of managing all the activities that are required to maintain a desired level of excellence.These actions include developing and setting a quality policy and quality objectives.It also includes developing and implementing quality planning, quality control and quality assurance to achieve continuous improvement and level of excellence.

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