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Important points of ISO 9000 Quality management System

  • ISO 9000:2008 is a series of three International Standards for Quality Management System.
  • They specify requirements and recommendations for the design and assessment of management system.
  • ISO 9000 is not a product standard.
  • None of the standards in the family contain requirements with which a product or service can comply.
  • There are no product acceptance criteria in ISO 9000 so you can’t inspect a product against the standard.
  • But an organization specifies the specification/standard of its product when implementing ISO 9000
  • The Standard was called BS 5750 in the UK, while elsewhere in Europe it was referred to as EN 29000.  The latter are simply different titles for the same standard.
  • ISO 9000 is a formal management system, which you
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Why was ISO 9000 created?

  • To facilitate mutual understanding of quality management system requirements in national and international trade.
  • The associated certification schemes that are not a requirement of any of the standards in the ISO 9000 family were launched to reduce costs of customer-sponsored audits performed to verify the capability of their suppliers.
  • The schemes were born out of a reluctance of customers to trade with organizations especially new ones.
  • Primarily intended for situations where customers and suppliers were in a contractual relationship.
  • Customers need confidence in the quality of products supplied and would require some evidence that addressed this need.
  • ISO 9000 was a neat solution to this problem as it embodied most of the requirements customers needed to obtain an assurance of
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ISO 9000:2008 Family of Standards

Core Standards:
  • ISO 9000:2008 – Fundamentals and Vocabulary
  • ISO 9001:2008 – QMS Requirements
  • ISO 9004:2000 – Guidelines for Performance Improvement

Supporting Standards:

  • ISO 10005:1995 – Guidelines for Quality Plans
  • ISO 10006:2003 – Guidelines for Project Management
  • ISO 10007:2003 – Guidelines for Configuration Management
  • ISO 10012 – Measurement Management System
  • ISO 10013:2001 – Documentation
  • ISO/TR 10014:1999 – Economics of Quality
  • ISO/TR 10015:2000 – Training
  • ISO/TR 10017:2003 – Statistics
  • ISO 19011:2003 – Auditing
  • ISO 10002:2004 – Complaint Handling
  • ISO 10001 – Market based Code of Conduct
  • ISO 10003 – External Dispute Resolution System
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